Software License Agreement Recommendation

Analyze onlin” rel=”nofollow”>ine software license agreements and prepare a recommendation regardin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the type of license that is appropriate for your new software product.Imagin” rel=”nofollow”>ine that you are a paralegal in” rel=”nofollow”>in a software development firm. You’ve been given the task of makin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a recommendation regardin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the type of software license agreement that should be used with your company’s new product offerin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. In makin” rel=”nofollow”>ing your recommendation, you should consider all the types of licenses available and consider the delivery method. For each license type considered, provide the rationale behin” rel=”nofollow”>ind why you selected or rejected that base license agreement type for your product. Create a report of your recommendation to be presented to senior management and the product lawyer.

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