The Sybil Novi Project

watch the movie Sybil and answer the following questions
1- Which scene in the movie would you describe as hallucination? 2- Which scene in the movie would you describe as delusion? 3- Identify and explain the type of therapy used to treat this client? Which theorist introduced the underlying theory? (Do not cite Hypnosis as the therapy used) 4- Describe predisposing factors and comorbidities associated with this psychiatric disorder 5- Name all identified personalities. 6- What medications are anticipated for this client and why? . 7- List all defense mechanisms used by the client? 8- What would be priority nursing diagnos9es and interventions for this client in an inpatient setting? 9- The term fugue has been used several times. Can you describe dissociative fugue and explain why clients use this type of defense mechanism? 10- Was the disorder misdiagnosed a first? If yes, what was the initial diagnosis?

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