Three phase induction motor

a)Consider a three phase induction motor (squirrel cage rotor type). With the aid of sketches/pictures describe the following: 1 )Construction 2)Principle of operation with technical/mathematical formulae 3) Main characteristicsb)Take an example of a REAL but SIMPLE process/plant of your choice in which AC motors are being used: 1)Create a logic flow chart of the full process and explore the types of AC motors being used. 2)Select one area of your choice within that process/plant from part . The selected area must include an AC motor.Create another logic flow chart of your selected area and explain its functionality. 3)What is the purpose of the AC motor in your selected process? List and explain the parameters such as inputs to the motor, output and the process that is being controlled using the motor. 4)Consider that the process requires the motor to provide a controlled speed output, list and explain the feedback devices which can ensure a controlled speed output. 5) List the parameters of AC motors that can be adjusted for efficient control of its spee

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