U.S. society has been and is being influenced by the Civil Rights Movement

Order DescriptionWrite an essay,to support your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion about how U.S. society has been and is bein” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>influenced by the Civil Rights Movement and the LGBTQA+ Movement, and if these in” rel=”nofollow”>influences have been positive, negative, or both positive and negative.
Will we evolve away from the black-white-brown-red-yellow racial designations, especially as miscegenation becomes more acceptable and widely practiced? And will this evolution be beneficial to society?

Will cultures that have formed accordin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to racial identity begin” rel=”nofollow”>in to erode; there will be no more “black community” or “white community” designations (black, white, Latin” rel=”nofollow”>ino music and art?), because they will become meanin” rel=”nofollow”>ingless in” rel=”nofollow”>in modern society, in” rel=”nofollow”>interestin” rel=”nofollow”>ing historical artifacts of our past… ?

Will socioeconomic class and not racial identity become the key factor dividin” rel=”nofollow”>ing different groups? And will wealth and college degrees become the sole means of dividin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and classifyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing people in” rel=”nofollow”>into different socioeconomic groups? For example, will someone prefer a wealthy partner or someone with the potential to earn sufficient wealth, via a college degree or degrees, that will make the foundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of an economically stable family possible—rather than someone of his of her own race who does not possess wealth or the potential for sufficient wealth?

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