Major Research Paper

MGMT 615-TS Major Research Paper
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Read the lin” rel=”nofollow”>inked article entitled “Strategies for Buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Effective Virtual Teams: Trust is Key” by Ford, Piccolo, and Ford (2017). This article provides a nice summary of research fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings related to successful virtual teams.

Read the article carefully. Then usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the material you read in” rel=”nofollow”>in the article, design a virtual team for your workplace. It can be a team that would work on a real or a fictitious project. Describe the project, the type of team you would build, and why and how you would build it for maximum performance.

Remember–this fin” rel=”nofollow”>inal paper is your opportunity to demonstrate that you can analyze a situation, understand and apply leadership knowledge, and write clearly and to the poin” rel=”nofollow”>int. Cite sources.

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