create a generic tOOIKIt for effective teaching Of adults

create a generic tOOIKIt for effective teaching Of adults

Paper details:



If you can specify as requested in the guidance, info about the population Of adult learners in the United Arab Emirate, nOt adult
education (there Is a difference) types Of programs they can run for adults (more demographic info “like nOW many females and
male adult learner, (some StatISIICS), and remove the sample POPULTION SECTION because It’s a IOOIKIt. What Is the age
average in the United Arab emirates for learners to be considered a adult learners”, type Of adult program that can be running to
ensure effective, Challenges they have in the same country for adults. Part II activity packets, beside the explanation Of the
actIVItIes, If you can add (ready-made activities sample from the Internet , a cnecKIISI for use With learners that are new to a
program: samples Of Iearner needs assessments:_(from the Internet as well) Part III AdUIt education programs (kindly specify one
SKIII Of English course and elaborate more about It In this part and for something that can benefit United Arab Emirates Citizen.
please remove the table from this section. or somehow cnange the contents nOt the same as the temple tOOIKIt I have provided
and goes more In depth WItn research as mentioned In the document guidance (Part IV). least but note least please cite all the
Information that you had and Will be listing In the document and provide references pages at the end. kindly make the tOOIKIt more
alive document With some summary tabs, In the right hand Of the document which highlights or ”St the main points In eacn section.
hope It WOUId be the final version.

I have an assessment that asking to create a tOOIKIt for effective teaching Of adultsthere are some Key Questions are needed to
be covered In the IOOIKIt. please refer to the attachment for more details and rubrics to be followed. as per live chat and email WItn
Customer care, they advised to choose “Research Paper” as a type of paper for my toolkit assignment- please keep in mind that
I needed as a generic document that WOUId help In guiding any academic teacher nOt a soflware or specify document for certain
subject. kindly refer to the link provided In the attachment for an examples Of the tOOIKIt I’m wishing you to produce similar to Its
format. like below link

httpszllhumanservices.ucdavis-edu/sites/defauIt/flles/AduIt-Education-Toolkit_Updated_022814-pdf m

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