Environmental factors/issues which could affect the sustainability of the flow of tourists

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An analysis of environmental factors/issues which could affect the sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inability of the flow of tourists from A (select a TTGR) to B (select a TDR).
use Leiper’s (2004) model to identify a tourism system, which in” rel=”nofollow”>includes a TTGR (Touristic Trip Generatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Region) and a TDR (Tourist Destin” rel=”nofollow”>ination Region). You are then required to discuss the issues
(environmental) that could affect the sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inability of tourism flow. You are to consider the various stakeholders who are affected by this flow and provide recommendations on how it could be
managed sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inably.
As an example, if you approach the issue from the perspective of people travellin” rel=”nofollow”>ing between Sydney and Los Angeles you may discuss how airlin” rel=”nofollow”>ine deregulation sin” rel=”nofollow”>ince 2008 has led to a growth in” rel=”nofollow”>in the
number of airlin” rel=”nofollow”>ines flyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the route and the resultant drop in” rel=”nofollow”>in air fares due to in” rel=”nofollow”>increased competition. What is the impact of more flights on the physical environment and to what extent has Los
Angeles and California sought to both market itself to Australia travellers and offer tourism services which cater to the needs of Australian travellers? What has been the impact on a growth of
traffic on the nature and number of busin” rel=”nofollow”>inesses servin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the Sydney market to West coast USA ?
The structure of your report should comprise
A brief in” rel=”nofollow”>introduction to the topic which in” rel=”nofollow”>includes the aim of the research

A rationale for its study (citin” rel=”nofollow”>ing other writers’ views and opin” rel=”nofollow”>inions)

How exactly this effect or impact occurs or is likely to occur (you could use examples from outside the region that you are focusin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on)

Some facts, figures or statistics to illustrate the extent of the in” rel=”nofollow”>interaction or likely in” rel=”nofollow”>interaction.

Your prelimin” rel=”nofollow”>inary assessment of whether the in” rel=”nofollow”>interaction is significant within” rel=”nofollow”>in this particular tourism system

A conclusion with an in” rel=”nofollow”>initial prognosis for the future. Is this in” rel=”nofollow”>interaction somethin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the tourism in” rel=”nofollow”>industry and relevant stakeholders should be monitorin” rel=”nofollow”>ing? Will this become more significant in” rel=”nofollow”>in the
future? How can it be managed sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inably? Will its significance subside in” rel=”nofollow”>in time?

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