Field and domain of practice

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Chenoweth and McAuliffe (2015)* talk about ‘domains’ and ‘fields of practice’. The table below lists these:

Domains of Practice:
• Working with individuals
• Group work
• Social policy
• Working with families and partnerships
• Community work
• Research and evaluation
• Education and training

Field of practice:
• Health
• Mental health
• Child protection and juvenile justice
• The disability field
• Working with older adults
• Rural and remote practice
• Income security and employment services
• Substance misuse
• Youth work
• Environmental and disaster work

From the table/list above pick one field of practice and the correspondent domains (Example: field of practice ‘Rural and Remote Practice’, domain in community work, group work etc.) and

1. Identifies a human service organisation that employs workers from humanitarian and community work discipline and the selected field and domain of practice;

2. Discusses the role of the human service professional and the knowledge and skills required in the context of the chosen field of practice;
3. Identifies the knowledge, values and skills that support working with culturally diverse clientele;

4. Highlights some of the potential ethical dilemmas in working with culturally diverse clients;

5. Applies the professional code of ethics in practice; (ACWA code of ethics)

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