Personal Statement

Order Description

1. Describe the significant professional responsibilities you have held.
2. State your professional goals and reasons for desirin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to enroll in” rel=”nofollow”>in this MS program.
3. Describe the strengths you possess that will help you succeed in” rel=”nofollow”>in the program and in” rel=”nofollow”>in reachin” rel=”nofollow”>ing your professional goals.
4. Indicate your personal research in” rel=”nofollow”>interests as specifically as possible, in” rel=”nofollow”>includin” rel=”nofollow”>ing any previous research experience you may have acquired.
5. If you are also applyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for a Graduate Assistantship, please describe any previous teachin” rel=”nofollow”>ing experience, or experience as a TA or RA. For more in” rel=”nofollow”>information about assistantships, please refer to the Graduate Handbook.

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