Abnormal Psychology

choose FOUR of the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing questions and answer them

1. Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in the basic components of a research study (“true “ experiment vs. “quasi” experiment –e.g., correlation)
2. Compare/contrast the different TYPES of research studies. Which are most often used in” rel=”nofollow”>in Psychology?
3. What are some common psychological assessments? Neuropsychological assessments? Neuroimagin” rel=”nofollow”>ing? Describe.
4. Regardin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Legal/Ethical issues, defin” rel=”nofollow”>ine/explain” rel=”nofollow”>in the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing: Civil Commitment ,Duty to Warn (Tarasoff) ,Informed Consent, Confidentiality, Competency to Stand Trial, Insanity Defense
5. There are at least 8 categories of diagnoses under Anxiety/Trauma/Stress. Discuss 3 in” rel=”nofollow”>in some detail.
6. What are some of the treatments for Mood Disorders and the warnin” rel=”nofollow”>ing signs of suicide?
7. Choose a “Cluster”of Personality Disorders (A,B, or C), and describe the main” rel=”nofollow”>in characteristics of the disorders within” rel=”nofollow”>in that cluster.
8. What are some of the genetic and neurobiological in” rel=”nofollow”>influences in” rel=”nofollow”>in schizophrenia?
9) Discuss themes of pathological behavior in” rel=”nofollow”>in “A Beautiful Min” rel=”nofollow”>ind”—Schizophrenia ,and “Girl Interrupted”—Personality Disorders
10)Imagin” rel=”nofollow”>ine you are an LGBTQ teenager. You don’t know how to discuss this with your parents, so you write a letter.In this letter, describe the way you feel and how society deals with that.

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