Business plan for a fictitious new games studio

Develop a business plan for a fictitious new games studio. The business plan will cover a wide range of aspects including marketing, finances, resources, contractual and
legal obligations and strategy (approximately 3,000-5,000 words with charts, diagrams and illustrations to aid understanding: this excludes the abstract, references, appendices and so on) Effective
use of terminology to communicate a well-structured business plan Identification and implementation of market analytical data. Use of scheduling and project management software to form the basis of
a 3-year plan. Adherence to industry standard practices and principals when forming a contemporary games studio. Form an understanding of the various sources and stages of funding available for
games development. Communication of a 3-year strategy and plan for your business. The business plan should be a formal document not aimed at garners but at readers far more interested in the market
analysis, competition and how the company will operate and fill a need in a market. It should cover a wide range of aspects including marketing, target demographics, finances, resources, legal
obligations. It should use appropriate terminology and industry practice to communicate the company’s intensions and strategy. The plan should indicate, what will be the products and services and
what marketing and distribution channels will it use. You must describe your business model and include financial forecasts for both your start up expenditure and ongoing expenses including a cash
flow projection to estimate your working capital requirement. From there you will need to decide how to charge for your products in order to form a viable business (don’t forget, your investors
need to make a return too). Consider any risks to your business .

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