Ethical Issues in Global Health

Ethical Issues in” rel=”nofollow”>in Global Health

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Module 1 Postin” rel=”nofollow”>ing: Ethical Issues in” rel=”nofollow”>in Global Health (Postin” rel=”nofollow”>ings on two (2) ethical issues)
1) READ the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing:
* Quotes from the World Health Organization and Holtz (will attach)
* Pamphlet: Wanted: 2.4 million nurses, and that’s just in” rel=”nofollow”>in India (2010). Kathryn Senior,
World Health Organization (will attach)
2) VIEW the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing six (6) min” rel=”nofollow”>inute video (CHOOSE English):
* WHO Health Professions Network & Office of Nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and Midwifery and the Nightin” rel=”nofollow”>ingale
Initiative for Global Health (2008). Health professions’ role in” rel=”nofollow”>in Primary Health Care,
featurin” rel=”nofollow”>ing nurses and midwives – Now more than ever for a healthy world!” rel=”nofollow”>int/hrh/nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing_midwifery/films/en/in” rel=”nofollow”>index.html
3)RESPOND to the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing two (2) ethical issues below (post your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion) on the Discussion Board.

A) The debate over health care as a “right” is at the heart of the U.S. health care reform
discussion. The statements (quotes) at the begin” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of this module in” rel=”nofollow”>indicate that
WHO and the U.S. disagree about health care bein” rel=”nofollow”>ing a “right.” Do you thin” rel=”nofollow”>ink health
care is (or is not) a “right?” If a “right,” who should pay for it? Provide a rationale with
your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion.
B) The pamphlet highlights the fact that the nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing shortage is global—not just national
(U.S.). To alleviate their own nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing shortage, should developed (higher in” rel=”nofollow”>income)
countries contin” rel=”nofollow”>inue to recruit nurses from developin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (lower/middle) countries? What
about the health impact on the citizens because there are fewer nurses in” rel=”nofollow”>in the
lower/middle in” rel=”nofollow”>income country? What about the nurse’s personal and professional
opportunities and/or freedom to re-locate in” rel=”nofollow”>in a higher in” rel=”nofollow”>income country? What is your
opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion? Provide a rationale with your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion.

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