Quality Management Measure

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SIX SIGMA ANALYSIS OF: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) in” rel=”nofollow”>in United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
Measure 1 – Pareto Chart
As electricity costs have been in” rel=”nofollow”>increasin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and the aim of the process is to curtail or reduce these costs, there could be an analysis showcasin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the main” rel=”nofollow”>in causes. In the Pareto Chart, in” rel=”nofollow”>information
regardin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the use of kilowatts can be carefully examin” rel=”nofollow”>ined. Therefore, importance of appliances/devices can be sorted from large to small (ie. more to less).

Measure 2 – Check sheets
This measure can gather in” rel=”nofollow”>information about data that’s goin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to be repeated often which could help ensure excellence. Consumers can use this tool to analyze and monitor their electricity consumption
and use the in” rel=”nofollow”>information to limit their usage and save electricity. For in” rel=”nofollow”>instance, in” rel=”nofollow”>in Dubai, at the end of every month DEWA sends an electricity bill to consumers with detailed in” rel=”nofollow”>information about
their consumption. Furthermore, this in” rel=”nofollow”>information can be used as a parameter in” rel=”nofollow”>in constructin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a checklist and thus save costs.

Measure 3 – Benchmarkin” rel=”nofollow”>ing
Benchmarkin” rel=”nofollow”>ing sets a standard and compares it to the real actual performance. With regards to curtailin” rel=”nofollow”>ing electricity costs; this measure allows consumers to compare the electricity usage with a
predicted standard usage set. This relates well as in” rel=”nofollow”>in Dubai, exceedin” rel=”nofollow”>ing usage of electricity results in” rel=”nofollow”>in more amount charged per kilowatt compared to if it were below a specific standard.

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