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SIX SIGMA ANALYSIS OF: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) in United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
Measure 1 – Pareto Chart
As electricity costs have been increasing and the aim of the process is to curtail or reduce these costs, there could be an analysis showcasing the main causes. In the Pareto Chart, information
regarding the use of kilowatts can be carefully examined. Therefore, importance of appliances/devices can be sorted from large to small (ie. more to less).

Measure 2 – Check sheets
This measure can gather information about data that’s going to be repeated often which could help ensure excellence. Consumers can use this tool to analyze and monitor their electricity consumption
and use the information to limit their usage and save electricity. For instance, in Dubai, at the end of every month DEWA sends an electricity bill to consumers with detailed information about
their consumption. Furthermore, this information can be used as a parameter in constructing a checklist and thus save costs.

Measure 3 – Benchmarking
Benchmarking sets a standard and compares it to the real actual performance. With regards to curtailing electricity costs; this measure allows consumers to compare the electricity usage with a
predicted standard usage set. This relates well as in Dubai, exceeding usage of electricity results in more amount charged per kilowatt compared to if it were below a specific standard.

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