health promotion grant proposal

health promotion grant proposal

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Health and social care professionals workin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in all sectors of health services are often called on to participate in” rel=”nofollow”>in plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, designin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and applyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for grant money to run health promotion projects. This assignment uses real world plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and design tools that you will be able to use in” rel=”nofollow”>in your practice.

There are 2 options for completin” rel=”nofollow”>ing this assignment.

Option 1

Design your own health promotion project for a specific population.

If you currently work in” rel=”nofollow”>in health promotion in” rel=”nofollow”>in your health or community service you are encouraged to explore a project proposal that is relevant to your service and the populations in” rel=”nofollow”>in your service catchment area and meets the strategic directions of your health service as well as relevant state and national health targets. If you take this option we encourage you to discuss your ideas with relevant people at your work place.

Option 2

Design a health promotion project based on the aims and overall briefin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of a larger regional project

This option is suitable for students not employed in” rel=”nofollow”>in health or community service that has a health promotion focus. Your regional Primary Health Network has put out a call for submissions for fundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing projects in” rel=”nofollow”>in your area. Your task is to choose one of these projects, and design a health promotion project that forms a smaller component of the overall project.

To complete this option, locate a PHN on the in” rel=”nofollow”>interactive map available at Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) and identify an aspect of health promotion relevant to that PHN.

SPECIAL NOTE: for this assignment it is in” rel=”nofollow”>intended that you access only those data that are available through desktop research. YOU do not have the necessary permissions to conduct any primary research or consultations with community groups or in” rel=”nofollow”>individuals about their needs. If in” rel=”nofollow”>in doubt please consult the unit coordin” rel=”nofollow”>inator

Whether you choose option 1 or 2 you should follow these guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ines in” rel=”nofollow”>in preparin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and submittin” rel=”nofollow”>ing your assignment.

You have been asked by your health service manager or unit manager to lead the development and design of a health promotion program and write a grant proposal to submit for the upcomin” rel=”nofollow”>ing round of fundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Grants of up to $20,000 are available and the projects have to be completed within” rel=”nofollow”>in a 12 month time frame. You are expected to showcase your proposal to; The Health Promotion Plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Committee who will then assess the proposal prior to submission. Please note, that in” rel=”nofollow”>in practice the in” rel=”nofollow”>instructions usually say that proposals submitted beyond the deadlin” rel=”nofollow”>ines will not be considered. So plan ahead, manage your time wisely and submit on time.

Preparation: you should be thin” rel=”nofollow”>inkin” rel=”nofollow”>ing about this project as you complete Module 1-4. Module 5 is designed to assist you in” rel=”nofollow”>in preparin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the bulk of your assignment. Within” rel=”nofollow”>in Module 5 you will complete a number of templates that will help you design your project and write your grant.

In your assignment you are expected to
1.Use a template to complete the assignment you can choose one from plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and evaluation wizard, or select one of your choosin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (if you select one of your choosin” rel=”nofollow”>ing it must in” rel=”nofollow”>include sufficient scope to in” rel=”nofollow”>include the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>instructions).
2.Follow the hyperlin” rel=”nofollow”>inks below for specific elements that are in” rel=”nofollow”>included in” rel=”nofollow”>in each of the 3 major sections of the proposal.
3.Your project proposal should not exceed 12 pages
4.Ensure that you make the case for your project and in” rel=”nofollow”>include essential elements as recommended in” rel=”nofollow”>in the Primary Health Care plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and evaluation wizard 2013 Flin” rel=”nofollow”>inders University
5.Include a detailed project plan and evaluation plan (must be achivable in” rel=”nofollow”>in 12 month timeframe)
6.Include a budget for the proposed project (must be realistic and not to exceed $20,000)
7.Include a reference list: and
8.Follow standard academic and professional report/proposal writin” rel=”nofollow”>ing conventions.
Example of project proposals

The plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and evaluation wizard provides real world examples from recent and successful project in” rel=”nofollow”>in health promotion and primary health care practice at each step of the process.
Note that the Plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and Evaluation Wizard has two broken lin” rel=”nofollow”>inks on the Project Focus page. I have supplied these updated lin” rel=”nofollow”>inks for you so you can access the two required resources:
?W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
?The Communication Initiative Network
Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal girls circle program proposal This proposal is presented in” rel=”nofollow”>in about the same length as expected in” rel=”nofollow”>in this assignment. Note also the use of images (if you in” rel=”nofollow”>intend to use images please ensure you take care to meet copyright obligations)

Presentation of your project report
1.Ensure your project has a title page in” rel=”nofollow”>in accordance with school guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ines
2.Download and Attach copy of Assessment Rubric
3.Upload your project proposal through the unit assessment site. You should assess your turn it in” rel=”nofollow”>in report and make any necessary amendments to avoid plagiarism before your fin” rel=”nofollow”>inal submission.

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