innovation (Marriott International)

in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation (Marriott International)
Order Description

Report should in” rel=”nofollow”>include these poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints:
Innovation Characteristics
• Analysis should cover:
• How in” rel=”nofollow”>innovative is the Company?
• Description of the in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation
• Type of in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation (process, product, etc.)
• Product Lifecycle Analysis
• Adoption attributes
• Existin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Innovation Strategy
• First mover approach
• Protection strategy (secrets, patents, copyrights,
• Complementary assets
• Appropriability strategy
• Propose a new strategy (pick one option)
• Option A: What in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation should the company
• Option B: How should a specific in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation
should be exploited ?

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