Confusing Similarity in Trademark

Confusing Similarity in Trademark

The most important parts in the paper are (last part of the paper):
– Explaining Wolfgang’s Steakhouse v. Wolfgang Puck case. Here is a source for the case. You can use any other sources.
(who are they, what happened, the court decision, etc.)

– From a legal perspective based on this research paper and Wolfgang case, what are you going to advise Wolfgang’s Steakhouse whose trademark is similar to
Wolfgang Puck? Why? Apply the factors (stated previously in this research paper) that determine whether or not a trademark is confusing similar trademark on this
analysis to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse case. Does Wolfgang’s Steakhouse have any of the factors that prevent him from having his trademark? (This opinion part should be 2
pages or more length)

Here are some aspects that you can write about to fulfill the work if it does not reach 10 pages:
– How does the court determine the infringement to an existing trademark?
– How is the court decision different from case to case?
– Does not it rely on precedent in determining the possibility of confusion?
– The consumer survey that court does in order to determine whether or not there is a confusion between two similar trademarks.
– (Any other points you see it is related to my topic and to the coherent of the points)
Please include the extra aspects that you will write about in the thesis and the conclusion of the paper.

– It is supposed to be 15 full pages without headings, double spaced, 12 point type
– Paper has endnotes.
– Endnote does not include in the counted words.
– Endnotes should be numbered in Arabic numerals (1,2,3, . . .).
– Since I have started my paper and have 18 footnotes, you will start to number the sources from 19.

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