Quantifying the Security of Graphical Passwords

1) What is the purpose of this article? What is your evidence for suggesting this is the purpose? If it is not overtly stated, then what do you think the author’s purpose was? 2) What is some of
the prior research on which the study is based? (hint: the lit review) 3) What are some of the key points or findings this article presents? 4) What is the significance of the study? 5) Describe
very briefly the methods the author(s) used to conduct this study. Methods or methodology means the type of research, the techniques and assessment, or instruments used in the study. How was the
actual (primary) research carried out? 6) Do the authors present recommendations for future research and studies that build on the topics addressed in this article? 7) What does the author do well
in this article? What problems do you see with the article (problem definition, data collection, literature, conclusions)?

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