Web 2.0 Tool (Prezi)

Web 2.0 Tool (Prezi)
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For your Portfolio Project you will utilize a Web 2.0 tool to apply and share knowledge gained during the course by producing a Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools. The ultimate aim of the guide will be to assist individuals in the process of selecting appropriate technologies for effective instruction.

During this module you will begin the basic development of your selected Web 2.0 sharing tool. What is included in this basic development stage will depend on your selected tool, but should include:

1. A title
2. An ”About You” section ( I will upload some facts about me, please incorporate)
3. An introduction to the tool (Prezi)
4. Rationale for your selection of this tool
5. How you plan to use the tool
6. The intended audience
7. Selection of the overall style or theme that will be present through your tool, etc.

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