Economic interest associated with land management

Part 1:
The economic in” rel=”nofollow”>interest associated with land management is supposed to ensure that economic in” rel=”nofollow”>interests do not supersede the need to conserve and protect the ecosystems. The economic philosophy of land
management is based on sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable development where economic in” rel=”nofollow”>interests do not have a substantial negative impact on the ecosystem (Bates, 1993). The conservation philosophy concerns with the
allocation, use, and protection of natural resources and its effect on the ecosystem is the main” rel=”nofollow”>intenance of the diversity and health of the ecosystem. The preservation philosophy is based on the
need to retain” rel=”nofollow”>in the stability and order of the past by controllin” rel=”nofollow”>ing aspects of the present (Bates, 1993). The effect on the ecosystem is that there is the main” rel=”nofollow”>intenance of balance as well as the health
of the ecosystem.
Part 2:
The Bundy standoff has been one of the most controversial issues associated with public land use. The standoff is between Cliven Bundy, a rancher usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing public land, and the Bureau of Land
Management which is the agency overseein” rel=”nofollow”>ing management of the land. The laws of this land are that the bureau is in” rel=”nofollow”>in charge of managin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the land and also placin” rel=”nofollow”>ing protected status on certain” rel=”nofollow”>in lands.
Accordin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to the law, grazers are supposed to pay certain” rel=”nofollow”>in grazin” rel=”nofollow”>ing fees, but Bundy has declin” rel=”nofollow”>ined sin” rel=”nofollow”>ince the BLM is pushin” rel=”nofollow”>ing ranchers away from public land. The decision by BLM to push ranchers from
public land is based on a conservationist perspective due to the need to protect the habitat of the desert tortoise. The conservationist efforts in” rel=”nofollow”>include the need to elimin” rel=”nofollow”>inate cattle grazin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in the
land as well as off-roadin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (Fuller, 2016). From this conflict, BLM is takin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the right approaches, and the grazers need to realize the imperative of conservation of land in” rel=”nofollow”>in supportin” rel=”nofollow”>ing endangered
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