Hazard Research

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Select a workplace or industry, ideally one you can access or an organisation of which you have some knowledge. You should take care not to identify any organisations or individuals. Pick a workplace eg: fatigue in road freight industry and you look at a truck driver, look at their shift patterns, their pattern of pay
Or eg bullying at nurses in hospital setting etc. Pick a very specific role in a work place.

-Choose hazard, choose industry, choose specific job within industry
Your task is to report on ONE emerging or complex issue and provide a report on how you would recommend that risk be systematically managed. You should choose a workplace (de-identified) where this issue poses a risk to the workforce. CHOICES ARE: PSYCHOSOCIAL RISKS AT WORK: BULLYING, FATIGUE AND FITNESS, AT RISK GROUPS EG YOUNG WORKER OR AGING WORKERS.

Review the literature to describe the nature and impact of your chosen issue in the workplace. You may use government resources, legal sources and other journal based literature for your review (10 marks)

Explain how you would determine the magnitude of the risk and who is exposed and how they are exposed (i.e. you must work through a process by which to identify and assess the risks), make sure you include consultation (5 marks): -exposure? Who is exposed, how?, how is the hazard measured? Eg exposed to sun, chemicals, radition, ie. How much are they exposed to. HOW THE WORKERS EXPERIENCE THE HAZARD AND HOW MUCH ARE THEY IN CONTACT WITH THE HAZARD. Eg to find this info you could look at injury data, complaints, absence data. DON’T COLLECT DATA– JUST WALK THROUGH HOW YOU WOULD APPROACH IT
Identify control measures in accordance with the ‘hierarchy of controls’ and ‘as low as reasonably practical’ concepts (10 marks) **HIRARCHY OF CONTROLS IS IMPORTANT*

Determine and describe TWO human resources management processes for effectively implementing these control measures (so that the control measures are systematic and sustainable) (10 marks): — 2 HR measures: implement change (what processes?) EG.you would CONSULTATION with the workers, REVIEW job descriptions, TRAINING, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES,
Describe what injury management considerations are relevant to this issue. (5 marks): –INJURY MANAGEMENT: two principles: early intervention (deal with symptoms before it turns into bad injury) and treatment ( treatment focused on capacity not what they cant do but what they can do- find other duties they can do) focus on preventions and return to work, rehab

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