The sustainability policy of an events ( CES 2017)

The sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inability policy of an events ( CES 2017)

Order Description

required to critically assess the sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inability policy of an events
busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness or event itself, and offer suitable recommendations in” rel=”nofollow”>in lin” rel=”nofollow”>ine with your
critical appraisal, and based on theories discussed in” rel=”nofollow”>in the class and beyond.
Support should be provided thoroughly.
1. Table of contents: List the contents (Introduction, Fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings and Analysis, Conclusion, References) and the page numbers they appear on.
2. Introduction: In approximately 300 words set the background, explain” rel=”nofollow”>in the aim or goal of the report, the report approach and the characteristics of the chosen event
case. in” rel=”nofollow”>introduce the event, set the boundaries in” rel=”nofollow”>include theory and the location of the event
3. Stakeholder theory
– list and identify the stakeholder ( what do they want and need (potential)
choose one pillars to be focus
– arrange them per attribute
– for example (environment and why ) , gov, busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness partner, consumer, employee, shareholders and understand their key issue
4. Fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings and analysis: In approximately 2’000 words present the sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable theories, applicable to your event case, describe the sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable event policy and the
sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable event practices. Summarize your fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings are provide lin” rel=”nofollow”>inkage among. Assessin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable policy , what is the policy about. is it related to TBL and CSR
, the value chain” rel=”nofollow”>in or new
5.policy versus practice with comparison and evidence and guest’s need of the policy, like trip advisor
6.Connect sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable theory
7. Recommendation: address potential gaps, opportunities or ideas reflectin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on the presented sustain” rel=”nofollow”>inable theories, event policies and their practices
8. Conclusion: In approximately 200-300 words summarize the main” rel=”nofollow”>in poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints and justify your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion.
9. References: Provide a reference list of all sources.
10. Appendix: When needed

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