Torture: Should It Ever Be Tolerated?

: Torture: Should It Ever Be Tolerated?
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This has to be a researched argumentative essay, please focus on research from the U.S. and incorporporate the U.S. military, recent research that has been conducted and President Donald Trump’s recent thoughts on torture.
Here is the criteria that the professor is looking for:
-Set out the problem, including a tie to Alexander’s book and your overall position, claim, central question, or thesis (the answer to your central question).
-Discuss your research, weighing in as you go, positioning yourself in relation to what you have found through research. Be sure to use quotations from your research. This will be the main part of your essay—explaining how your thinking developed on the topic as you researched, read, discussed, and thought critically about what you found. You’ll explore various ways of structuring and developing discussion, on both a broad level (What do I want to persuade the reader of in my essay? How will I go about it?) and on a smaller level (What am I getting at in this paragraph? What does this part of the discussion teach me about my topic?).
-Create a conclusion that answers the questions: “So what?” or “Where do we go from here?”
-Use MLA style.

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