Caller ID programme

Download the complete Caller ID program. Write a static method totalDurations that is passed the parallel arrays from the main program. It creates a new pair of parallel arrays (phone numbers and
durations, again) where each different incoming phone number is stored exactly once, and the duration is the total duration of all the calls from that phone number. It then prints these arrays.
Nothing is returned.
For example, if the arrays contain 555-1234 (duration 10), 555-4321 (duration 20), and 555-1234 (duration 30), then the output would show 555-1234 (duration 40) and 555-4321 (duration 20).
To help you solve the problem, you can call the find method. Use it to check if a phone number has already been placed in the new arrays, and if so, to determine where that number is. Also note
that the size of the new arrays will never be greater than the current list.
You will need to modify the main program to adequately test your new method. But you should submit only yourtotalDurations method for marking, by the due date specified in the course schedule.

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