Homework Assignment #4


• Hand this in” rel=”nofollow”>in at the begin” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of class, not by email.
• Use Times New Roman, 12-poin” rel=”nofollow”>int font, 1-in” rel=”nofollow”>inch margin” rel=”nofollow”>ins as in” rel=”nofollow”>indicated in” rel=”nofollow”>in the homework template.
• In contrast to the paper – this should be 2-sided and sin” rel=”nofollow”>ingle-spaced.
• Use the homework template!


1) You have completed a thorough contextual analysis of your company, and have identified a problem that you will tackle in” rel=”nofollow”>in the paper. Based on your causal analysis, brain” rel=”nofollow”>instorm and identify 3-4 plausible solutions to address the problem. Be sure they are feasible and ethical solutions! Your solutions should make sense and show solid busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness decision thin” rel=”nofollow”>inkin” rel=”nofollow”>ing.

2) Usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the weighted-criteria decision matrix tool we discussed in” rel=”nofollow”>in class, determin” rel=”nofollow”>ine and give weights to the key criteria you will use to evaluate the solutions. Build your matrix and evaluate which of the solutions identified in” rel=”nofollow”>in the previous question will best solve the problem. Include the matrix here, along with a brief description of each criteria’s significance and weight (i.e. why did you choose these criteria, and why did you weight them as you did?)

3) Okay, now you’ve got a strong recommendation. Usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the Cost Benefit Analysis tool discussed in” rel=”nofollow”>in class, identify the tangible and in” rel=”nofollow”>intangible costs and benefits associated with your solution. At this poin” rel=”nofollow”>int I just want you to identify and list them. If possible, you should try to quantify the tangible components in” rel=”nofollow”>in your fin” rel=”nofollow”>inal paper. Put this in” rel=”nofollow”>in a table format.

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