How to express inner frustration/anger through clothing?

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Research Proposal Contents
Your Research Proposal should include the following sections:
? Title Page
? Working Title – Provide a working title for the work, which should be concise,
and to the point.
? Introduction – This should give justification and background to the proposed
research. Approx: 500 words
? Aim – There should only be 1 aim for the research.
? Objectives – Write 3 to 5 objectives that will enable you to fulfill the aim.
? Literature Review – Show that you have begun to read around the subject
area. The literature should be critically analyzed and reasoned, and must
support the aim and objectives. Approx: 1500 words
? Methodology – Show how you are going to achieve the objectives you have
set out. This should cover both primary and secondary research. Approx: 500
? Ethical Issues – Show that you have considered the ethical issues that might
arise with the proposed research.
? Conclusion – This should include details of the practical element to
accompany the dissertation, where appropriate. 500 words
? Ethics Approval Form – This must be completed.
? References – All material that you have referred to must be included and you
must use the Harvard method of citation referencing.
? Bibliography – Include details of any books, articles and journals that you
have read but not used yet.
? Critical Path – Suggest realistic timings for the various parts of the research
indicating where you might fit in some contingency time in case of any
unexpected difficulties with your work. Remember to leave plenty of time at
the end for typing up and binding etc.
**In total you should have around 3000 words when you have completed all these

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