Advertisement analysis

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Some aspects of our brand perceptions are conscious and others less or unconscious. Write a paper that explains how people relate to brands and how they live in the psyche .

1. Describe at least three approaches that have been developed to get at the deeper psychological levels of people’s relationship with brands (E.g., Metaphors, IAT, Archetypes, etc.) For each approach describe:
• The theoretical orientation or Point of View on how people relate to brands. Explain what aspects of people’s brand perceptions you think it best represents.
• Methods it suggests for researching or bringing to life brand perceptions and consumers relationship with brands.
2. Discuss what you see as the major similarities and/or differences between the approaches.

3. Choose a print ad and briefly discuss (as much as you think is relevant) how the different approaches would analyze the brand perception or objective the ad is trying to attain. You can also do this by showing the ad and having arrows that highlight different aspects of the ads and call-out boxes that explain your points.

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