Business process about clothing company

Business process about clothing company

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instructions :

1. Please only create business process of clothing company (you can get the idea from H&M or Zara or whatever the big clothing company)

2. i have attached the file that show business process.

3. need to be the five business process :
a) Inbound Logistics Processes
b) Operations Processes
c) Outbound Logistics Processes
d) Sales and Marketing Processes
e) Customer Service Processes

4. please have a look to the file for further information of business process.

5. need in-text citation and at least 2 references.

6. no need cover pages only make an essay about business process of clothing company.

7. please be more specific explain the business process (straight to the point) (not in general term) should be related to the clothing company.

8. i used “Double clothing” as name of my new clothing company name..please have a look big clothing company name such as Zara,H&M and implement to my company that related to 5 business process.

9. please have a look a file that i attached later.

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