Ethical by Design or Default?

Ethical by Design or Default?
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write reflection about event i attend name Ethical by Design or Default? in” rel=”nofollow”>in 11 May in” rel=”nofollow”>in DUBLIN
Can a machin” rel=”nofollow”>ine be biased? Can an algorithm be discrimin” rel=”nofollow”>inatory? Can we design artificial in” rel=”nofollow”>intelligences and systems that reproduce human values, but not human tendencies for prejudice?

We will hear from engin” rel=”nofollow”>ineers, scientists and designers on how the cuttin” rel=”nofollow”>ing edge of in” rel=”nofollow”>innovation will revolve around ethical design. What values guide the process, who decides on them, and how do we ensure systems prioritise personal autonomy, equity, and non-discrimin” rel=”nofollow”>ination? How do our social codes and morals get built in” rel=”nofollow”>into tomorrow’s technology? Or do our vices and prejudices in” rel=”nofollow”>infiltrate technology design just as they permeate social media and politics? As smart systems and robots enter the realms of military, health, justice, and more, we should ask: are systems ethical by default or by design?
This event is organized by the ADAPT Ethics and Privacy Research Initiative in” rel=”nofollow”>in conjunction with the Science Gallery.
Marie Wallace, Social Analytics Strategist, IBM,
Johnny Soraker, Ethicist and Policy Specialist
Kevin” rel=”nofollow”>in Koidl, Research Fellow School of Computer Science, TCD
Wessel Reijers, PhD Researcher in” rel=”nofollow”>in Ethics of Digital Content, DCU
Professor Lin” rel=”nofollow”>inda Hogan FTCD, Professor of Ecumenics, TCD
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