Ethnographic Investigation

This ethnographic in” rel=”nofollow”>investigation will consider the impact of the Christian message of Justice in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australian society. The followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Framin” rel=”nofollow”>ing questions will in” rel=”nofollow”>inform the in” rel=”nofollow”>investigation: + Is Australia a Christian country? • What type of relationship exists between the Christian churches and the Government in” rel=”nofollow”>in this country? ✓• In what ways do Christian churches support and implement government policy in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australia? • To what degree does the Government rely on religious Institutions to implement government policy? + What evidence is there that religion makes a significant contribution to the social fabric of Australian life? + Can religion and politics mix? • How do religious in” rel=”nofollow”>institutions in” rel=”nofollow”>inform Government policies?

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