Evaluating Organizational Change

Order Description

1. Introduce an overview of a healthcare system practice guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine in” rel=”nofollow”>in a home care.
2. Discuss how different professionals in” rel=”nofollow”>in the healthcare system (nurses, pharmacists, technicians, etc.) are held to this guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine.
3. Identify the research/reference used by the system to adopt the guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine.
4. Defin” rel=”nofollow”>ine the evidence used to defin” rel=”nofollow”>ine the guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine.
5. Determin” rel=”nofollow”>ine the level of evidence used in” rel=”nofollow”>in the EBP identified.
6. Provide an opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion on how well this guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine is followed by professionals in” rel=”nofollow”>in the system.
7. Conclude with a concise overview of the guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine and the discussion in” rel=”nofollow”>in the paper.

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