How Counter-Terrorism Impact on “Suspect Communities”?

How Counter-Terrorism Impact on “Suspect Communities”?
Research papers should demonstrate that you have engaged with the themes and issues raised in the course and that you are able to construct a persuasive and well-
evidenced argument in relation to one or more of these themes or issues. You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate research skills (the ability to provide
accurate and detailed information about your chosen case study), on synthesis and persuasive argument (in bringing together ideas and data from several sources), on
quality of presentation (including accurate referencing) and on the clarity of your writing. You will have to make reference to further readings. References to the
core texts alone will not be sufficient to pass this assessment. To write a good research paper: • Explain in the introduction the context of the question, your basic
argument and how the paper will proceed step by step (the structure). • Signpost the structure throughout the paper, indicating the logical progression from paragraph
to paragraph and section to section (so linking sentences at the ends of paragraphs and sections are important). • Provide persuasive analysis of evidence in support
of your argument. • Ground your argument in the theoretical debates of the discipline. Topic: How Counter-Terrorism Impact on “Suspect Communities”? (Case study:
7/7bombings in the UK and Muslims in the UK ) Introduction o Define the meaning of “terrorism” and “Security” in this context. o Introduce negative impact of counter-
terrorism on Muslims Body o What/who is the ‘new’ suspect community and why/how it become ‘new’? o How counter-terrorism impact on muslims in the UK ? Conclusion o
Targeting the Muslims as ‘suspect’ community may raise terrorist organization’s power than to reduce it? o Or Whether those counter-terrorism legislation actually work

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