Target making

Part A
Discuss the various ways an organisation can segment their audiences. Critique the relative advantages and disadvantages of each of the four segmentation approaches. Support your response with various theoretical approaches used when segmentin” rel=”nofollow”>ing consumer markets.
Part A should be approximately 1200 words and is worth 10 marks
Part B
Based on your response in” rel=”nofollow”>in part A, identify and describe a primary and secondary target market for your organisation. Justify your decision based on the selection criteria that you have used.
Part B should be approximately 500 words and is worth 6 marks
Part C
Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in what positionin” rel=”nofollow”>ing means and then analyse:
a. how your organisation has been positioned
b. why it has been positioned like this
Part C should be approximately 800 words and is worth 8 marks

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