Sphericity /Repeated measures ANOVA Friedman Test Blog

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address the following two discussion questions separately
Discussion #1

Discuss sphericity and why it is important to consider when conducting a repeated measures ANOVA. Include a discussion of how sphericity is assessed and options for correcting violations of sphericity. Present a peer-reviewed journal article that has corrected for violations of sphericity and explain the results in that context. (Please answer the question in its totality including the presentation and explanation of peer-reviewed journal article)

Discussion #2

Discuss the two forms that repeated measures ANOVAs may take and indicate how they are applied to different generic research questions. Include a discussion of the types of data required for each type and a description of the assumptions of the procedures. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a repeated measures ANOVA. Describe the Friedman’s test and how it is different from the repeated measures ANOVA.

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