The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF)

Scenario: The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) is interested in implementing a new clinical protocol for treating a specific type of heart disease in Ontario. The protocol has been clinically proven to be effective, but it is expensive. The outcomes have also been shown to be superior to the current practice. But it would require a significant change in the clinical and administrative processes used to care for this patient population. HSF has completed a preliminary brainstorming exercise to identify stakeholders. The list of stakeholders include: • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as the potential funder — hint think about the current health care funding climate in Ontario right now. • Patients • Cardiac Care Network of Ontario • Ontario Medical Association representing physicians • Ontario Hospital Association representing hospitals in Ontario • Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
Select three of the identified stakeholders and complete a stakeholder analysis, following the framework presented in Lecture

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