William Willshire Research

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QUESTION: Choose a crimin” rel=”nofollow”>inal case or trial in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australian history that attracted a lot of attention when it occurred. ( THE CASE IS: Case: William Willshire, policeman responsible for murderin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal people, 1880s-90s )… What does it tell us about attitudes to crime in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australia, and Australian society more generally, in” rel=”nofollow”>in its day?
Make sure to talk about key issues like fear and frontier ? or fin” rel=”nofollow”>ind other arguments that can relate and make sure to Substantiate with evidence….
Would the case have been different if it wasn’t in” rel=”nofollow”>involved with aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal people??

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