Relocation of Cuban refugees

The United States Government is relocating 2000 Cuban refugees (and other groups) to your hometown to live in barracks long ago abandoned by the military. The barracks are about three (3) miles outside your city limits. You live in Naples, Florida, a community of 12,400 people of Anglo-American, African-American, Mexican-American and Asian American backgrounds. The base of your local economy is tourism, and several industrial plants. The long-term goal of the Government is that these refugees achieve immigrant status and assimilate into the community. Processing will begin immediately for immigrant status, and the government has asked the support of your community in supporting this action in exchange for re-opening basic operations at the abandoned military base. To your community, this means jobs and dollars. The mayor has called you as members of the initial task force to formulate a quick plan of action with short term and long-term goals to assist the community with both acceptance and implementation of this process. The initial meeting is also open to interested citizens. The following persons are members of the Mayor’s Task Force: Mayor Chamber of Commerce Chief of Police City Manager Priest, Catholic Diocese Pastor, First Baptist Social Worker Business Owner
As a public issue, this relocation has been decided. Group members should adopt the above roles and determine the long and short-term goals for community assimilation of this group of people. Be aware of the issues of diversity: language and culture, ethics, human behavior, etc. You may 17 have citizens who are not convinced this can work and may harm your community.

In your presentation, you will show how information about communities and organizations has been utilized by each task force member: how information about Cuban culture is utilized by each task force member: and how the group was able to work as a cohesive task group for problem resolution.

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