“Shakespeare’s Sister” by Virginia Woolf

In the essay “Shakespeare’s Sister,” Woolf presents her argument about the reasons for the lack of gifted and famous women writers during Shakespeare’s time by making up a character, Judith, and telling a story that describes Judith’s upbringing and fate. Do you think that Woolf strengthens her argument by using this unusual persuasive technique? Or does storytelling make her argument less convincing? In an essay, take a position on Woolf s technique and defend it with evidence from “Shakespeare’s Sister.”
“We’ll Never Conquer Space” by Arthur C. Clarke When writers critique an essay, they identify the essay’s argument and analyze the ways in which the author supports the argument. In your own essay, provide a critique of Clarke’s argument and the ways he supports it. Identify his main points, discuss his organization, and give your evaluation of his essay’s effectiveness.

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