The Key Concepts in Economics

The Key Concepts in” rel=”nofollow”>in Economics

Identify at least four (4) key poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints of a relevant economic article from either a Library or a newspaper.

Apply one (1) of the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing economic concepts (supply, demand, market structures, elasticity, costs of production, GDP, Unemployment, in” rel=”nofollow”>inflation, aggregate demand, and aggregate supply)

Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in how the concept that you identified in” rel=”nofollow”>in Question 2 could affect the U.S. economy.

In your concludin” rel=”nofollow”>ing paragraph, state whether you agree or disagree with the economic article identified in” rel=”nofollow”>in Question 1. Provide a rationale for the response.

The specific course learnin” rel=”nofollow”>ing outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Analyze the dynamics of supply and demand to anticipate market equilibrium.

Analyze the elasticity of demand and supply and its importance, and the effect of taxes or other public policies.

Describe the impact of various forms of competition on busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness operations with emphasis on perfect competition.

Use technology and in” rel=”nofollow”>information resources to research issues in” rel=”nofollow”>in prin” rel=”nofollow”>inciples of economics.

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