Corporate Governance

Dr Anna Grosman Dr Surya Mahdi Dr Peggy Alexopoulou Choose ONLY ONE topic amongst the suggested four:

1. Critically review the literature on the impact
of managerial compensation on firm performance
2. ‘One way of achievin” rel=”nofollow”>ing good corporate governance is to ensure the in” rel=”nofollow”>independence of non-executives sittin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on the board of directors’. Discuss the above statement in” rel=”nofollow”>in the light of the empirical evidence on the impact of in” rel=”nofollow”>independent directors on firm performance

3. Discuss the theory and evidence on the effect of firms’ political connections on
firm performance

4. What are the dimensions of board director expertise in” rel=”nofollow”>in SMEs? Support your discussion with the relevant literature.

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