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Nursing Care Plan Case Study for radiation poisoning

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Assignment: Nursing Care Plan Case Study
Assignment: Nursing Care Plan Case Study
Case Study
You are an occupational health nurse working at a uranium mine. The mine has a very good radiation monitoring system.
All employee wear personal dosimeters that are read and documented according to legislation requirements. Two weeks ago there was a problem with the outflow of
radiation waste materials. It was necessary for one of the employees, Roger, to enter the liquid waste to unclog the drain. Roger wore the appropriate personal
protective equipment (PPE). At completion of the task Roger noticed the dosimeter level did not look right.
However, he thought it was an error as he had worn the correct PPE. That evening Roger experienced some nausea and vomiting but it cleared up in a day or two. Roger is
now presenting in your health unit complaining of dizziness, fatigue, low blood pressure and bloody stools.
You believe Roger has radiation poisoning and proceed with a nursing assessment.
This assignment requires you to research uranium mining.
1. Provide an overview of that industry.
The link of Industry i am considering :
• How prominent is this industry?
• What are the types of uranium mines?
• What does the process of extraction entail

2. Include a brief description of the Elements OF A Radiation safety program as it relates to uranium mining.
• Roles and responsibilities
• Hazard assessment
• Controlling hazards
• Worker training
• Monitoring or workers
• monitoring of workplaces
• Emergency planning
• Policies and procedures
3. Identify health hazards related to uranium mining.
4. Read the case study and outline your nursing assessment of Roger.
• Asks appropriate questions to garner more information
• Assesses proper body systems
• Describes the expected assessment findings according to this case study
• Identifies additional diagnostics that may be required

5. Develop a nursing care plan for Roger.
• What immediate treatments are required to minimize exposure?
• What follow-up is required?
• What education will you consider?
• What recommendations will you make to the company

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