Policy Creation and Validation System for Customer Edge Switching

Create an application on Lin” rel=”nofollow”>inux and Android that will get all the in” rel=”nofollow”>information about apps in” rel=”nofollow”>install on the device such as local Ip address of device, local port of device, remote Ip address, remote
port, application name, Protocol used, Status of connection , signature of the apps etc.. All the valuable in” rel=”nofollow”>information to identify any apps. Identify malicious apps and report to our Customer Edge
Switchin” rel=”nofollow”>ing policy database. Create web platform for the user to set his own policy based on the connection data fetched in” rel=”nofollow”>in 1. For example, the user wants to drop any connection to WhatsApp between
10 am to 12 pm.
Create web platform to set policy for a sin” rel=”nofollow”>ingle user for example user can say that he does not want to receive any message from this user.

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