Thundermist Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Program

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Application Requirements:
1. AllapplicantsarerequiredtofillouttheattachedTHCCredentialingApplicationforFamilyNursePractitioners.
2. Please submit responses to the following questions. This is an opportunity to reflect upon and communicate to THC your personal statement of qualifications, interest, and motivation in acceptance to this Residency.

A. What personal, professional, educational and clinical experiences have led you to choose nursing as a profession, and the role of a family nurse practitioner as a specialty practice? What are your aspirations for a Residency program? Please comment upon your vision and planning for your short and long-term career development.
B. What are the goals that you are looking to accomplish during your residency at THC? Please identify specific areas of interest by lifecycle, age, or setting that you would like to develop increased mastery, competence, or confidence in.
C. Tell us about the patient population you want to provide care for and why?
3. As one of, or in addition to the three letters of recommendation that you will be supplying with the credentialing application, please submit at least one letter that specifically addresses your capabilities and interests related to this Residency Program.

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