Use dynamics concepts (listed below) to (1) propose a design for packaging and (2) use calculations to analyze the kinematics and kinetics of your design.
The context for this problem is as follows: You are working at a small manufacturing company that occasionally ships valuable, fragile materials to subcontractors. Recently, recipients of your
products complained that their materials arrived damaged, possibly due to movement during shipment. As such, the company has incurred financial losses. As one of the engineers, you are tasked with
proposing a packaging design that can address this issue. Preliminary analysis of data at your company indicates that a package that can keep an egg from breaking (i.e. no visible cracks in the egg
shell) when dropped at a height of 40 feet will be sufficient to prevent damage to your companies’ products during shipping and handling. You are tasked with proposing a design that can protect an
egg from breaking during a 40-ft freefall. Your boss noted several constraints to your proposed design. Due to financial limitations, your proposed design must utilize commonly available material.
Another constraint is that your proposed design must fit within an 8″x8″x8″. You are given two weeks to develop a proposal for your design. Project Summary: o This section should include a
paragraph that clearly states the project objective, and provides context for the design. 2. Assumptions: o This section should include a list of assumptions relevant to your proposed design. 3.
Description of Design: o This section provides detailed description of your design. Include dimensions, list of materials, properties of materials (e.g., weight of materials), diagrams, and other
information that can help the reader understand details of your design. Do not include detailed calculations in this section, but rather include detailed calculations in section 4 of your paper. 4.
Analysis of Design o Usingconceptsrelatingtoforces,workandenergy,and/orimpulseand momentum, predict how your proposed design may perform if it were actually tested in the noted conditions (i.e. it
was dropped from a 40 ft height) given your listed assumptions. For example, you can use work and energy concepts to determine how fast your designed package travels right before it hits the floor.
Then, you can use impulse and momentum concepts to determine forces exerted by the floor on the packaging design. In turn, you can determine forces exerted by the packaging on the egg itself during

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