Monitored Lifestyle Modification Program

Order Description

Application of a Monitored Lifestyle Modification Program Prevent the Progression from Prediabetes to Diabetes among Patients with Chronic Psychiatric Disorders over six-month period.
P: population- Patients over 40, with chronic psychiatric disorder, diagnosed with prediabetes

I: intervention-Application of a monitored lifestyle modification program

C: -comparison- No program

O: outcome- No Progression to DM

T: time- Over a 6-month period
Identify the databases used for the search.
Include the search terms used-key words for the search.
What inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied to the search?
Identify the number of studies and ranges of dates of the studies/evidence retrieved, along with the number and publication dates of the studies.
Limit articles to last 5 years unless landmark or classic study/theory.
Identify and define the hierarchy/ strength of evidence (Gray, Grove, & Sutherland, 2017).
Critically appraise the studies chosen for your literature review. This is conducted using the process outlined on the Literature Review Matrix and the rapid critical appraisals of qualitative and quantitative research, Gray, et al., 2017). Any statistics that are available in the research article should be included in the review.
Synthesize and discuss, in detail, the major recommendations that emerge from the synthesis of evidence.

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