Personal management skills

You are required to design and produce your own personal development plan (PDP) that
reflects upon and shows evidence of your personal and professional development in the
past 12 months and planned in the next 12 months. Using appropriate theory include an
analysis of your preferred learning style and how this has impacted on your development
and relationships with others. Use a SWOT and Skills Audit to build your personal
development plan; all templates are available on the module page with the assessment.

Explain the following skills using relevant theory and apply them to an organisation which
you are familiar with or one you can research. (If you do not have experience within an
organisation apply best practice from your learning materials to suggest how they should
be implemented within a specific organisation.) The skills to consider are as follows:
• Supportive Communication;
• Motivation;
• Empowerment;
• Conflict Management;
• Team Effectiveness.

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