Building Community Relationships

You have just been asked by your Police Chief to serve as the department’s community relations officer. You have built a tremendous relationship with the mostly ethnic and racial community, and they have asked that you be appointed to this position. Your assignment will include recommending to the Chief ways to effectively establish, maintain, and improve the relationship with the community.
Justify the issues of the community and the department you have pinpointed by defending it to the Chief and his executive staff before you release it to the committee leaders. Keep in mind that several of the department’s police deputies have had major clashes with the community leaders on policing strategies that would involve joint efforts of the community and police, and may look to derail your ideas.
Create a presentation of 5 to 7 slides in Microsoft PowerPoint, which includes the following: -The history and philosophy of community policing. -The problems faced by the ethnic and racial community. -Overt steps that can be taken by the department to reach out to the community. -How to build realistic and functional partnerships with the community. -Efforts that have been instituted to install sensitivity training for all police officers. -Methods to directly bring the public and the police together before there are crime concerns. •A clear and direct line of communication for citizens to communicate with senior staff in the department. -Crime prevention strategies to be implemented.

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