Building Community Relationships

You have just been asked by your Police Chief to serve as the department’s community relations officer. You have built a tremendous relationship with the mostly ethnic and racial community, and they have asked that you be appoin” rel=”nofollow”>inted to this position. Your assignment will in” rel=”nofollow”>include recommendin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to the Chief ways to effectively establish, main” rel=”nofollow”>intain” rel=”nofollow”>in, and improve the relationship with the community.
Justify the issues of the community and the department you have pin” rel=”nofollow”>inpoin” rel=”nofollow”>inted by defendin” rel=”nofollow”>ing it to the Chief and his executive staff before you release it to the committee leaders. Keep in” rel=”nofollow”>in min” rel=”nofollow”>ind that several of the department’s police deputies have had major clashes with the community leaders on policin” rel=”nofollow”>ing strategies that would in” rel=”nofollow”>involve join” rel=”nofollow”>int efforts of the community and police, and may look to derail your ideas.
Create a presentation of 5 to 7 slides in” rel=”nofollow”>in Microsoft PowerPoin” rel=”nofollow”>int, which in” rel=”nofollow”>includes the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing: -The history and philosophy of community policin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. -The problems faced by the ethnic and racial community. -Overt steps that can be taken by the department to reach out to the community. -How to build realistic and functional partnerships with the community. -Efforts that have been in” rel=”nofollow”>instituted to in” rel=”nofollow”>install sensitivity train” rel=”nofollow”>inin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for all police officers. -Methods to directly brin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the public and the police together before there are crime concerns. •A clear and direct lin” rel=”nofollow”>ine of communication for citizens to communicate with senior staff in” rel=”nofollow”>in the department. -Crime prevention strategies to be implemented.

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