Case Study
The woman who delivers lunches from her pram
15 January 2016
When Chloe Edwards moved with her family to Lewes in East Sussex she
commuted daily to her teaching job in London. Then, she had to leave work
when her young daughter became seriously ill. During her daughter’s
recovery, Chloe came up with a novel way to get back into work.
Adapted from bbc accessed 15/01/2016 Video Journalist: Susannah Reid
Video link to case study
Please watch the video clip below for the current business situation.
As a business advisor, you have been asked to write a report for Chloe on
various aspects of finance relevant to her business.
Complete all the following tasks which relate to the provided Case Study,
information provided in the assignment brief and the Video Clip.
Section 1
1.1 Assessing Sources of Finance
Chloe Edwards is currently a Sole Trader but is planning to expand her business.
She is planning to change the business legal structure to a Partnership with her
sister Sarah Edwards. Chloe Edwards will own 70% and Sarah Edwards will own
30% of the Partnership.
Task 1.1: Using the information from the case study and your own
research, discuss the sources of finance which would be suitable for her
new business as a Partnership.
1.2 Costs of Running a Business
Chloe is considering moving from making the food at home to making the food
in a brand new kitchen unit somewhere else in Lewes in East Sussex.
Task 1.2: Using the information from the case study and your own
research, discuss the types of expected costs Chloe may face when
moving to a new kitchen unit.

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