Cultural Safety

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Reflect on your own cultural values and beliefs, examine and question assumptions and biases in practice. How do we ensure that we are are culturally safe practitioners and that we communicate
What are things that you could make sure that you communicate effectively when dealing with an Indigenous client (or a client from a culture different your own)?
Demonstrate culturally safe and responsive communication while working in partnership with diverse populations and team members to promote and maintain health and wellness

I am doing placement in Healthscope Independence Services, Disability Services & Care Organisations. 7 bed/patient. Alawa, Nt.
Most of the patient are with mental disability, holoprosencephaly, cerebral palsy, 2 cases of Machado joseph disease, 1 behavioural issues, most of our patient are Indeginous Australians. Has
difficulty in communication, some are not even speaking. Compare culture of Philippines (ASIAN) to Indigenous Australians based on the theme statement above cultural safety.

• Demonstrate for us an understanding of the topic.
• Back your statements up with peer reviewed literature.
• Demonstrate academic writing and reference using the CDU APA style.

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