Drink vendors responsibility to Timmy driving vehicle

Case story: On April 24th, Timmy Larson, Kim Stevens, and William Robin” rel=”nofollow”>inson all attended a Seattle Marin” rel=”nofollow”>iners game again” rel=”nofollow”>inst the New York Yankees. Durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing their time time at the game they each had a couple of drin” rel=”nofollow”>inks. Durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the 6th in” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of the baseball game roughly 8:43 PM each Timmy, Kim, and William had well over 4 drin” rel=”nofollow”>inks and were gettin” rel=”nofollow”>ing noticeably rowdy at the game. Around 9:16 there were a couple of complain” rel=”nofollow”>ints to the Alcohol enforcement made by surroundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing fans at the game but nothin” rel=”nofollow”>ing was done about the three. They even contin” rel=”nofollow”>inued with more drin” rel=”nofollow”>inks. Near the end of 8th in” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing at 11:00 PM the group went for another round of drin” rel=”nofollow”>inks. Although they were clearly in” rel=”nofollow”>intoxicated the drin” rel=”nofollow”>ink vendors allowed the three to obtain” rel=”nofollow”>in more alcohol. At around 11:37 PM Timmy was drivin” rel=”nofollow”>ing down I-5 North at a speed of 73 mph and while exitin” rel=”nofollow”>ing an off ramp at exit 173 near Shorelin” rel=”nofollow”>ine, crashed the vehicle in” rel=”nofollow”>into a pole. The police responded to the scene at 11:52 PM. Timmy measured a BAC of .12 on a breathalyzer test. The car was totaled and both Kim and Robin” rel=”nofollow”>inson were rushed to the ICU at Virgin” rel=”nofollow”>inia Mason in” rel=”nofollow”>in Seattle. On June 11th, the three all sued the Vendor that over served them at the baseball game for negligence and goin” rel=”nofollow”>ing again” rel=”nofollow”>inst the public safety laws. The Case was heard in” rel=”nofollow”>infront of the Supieror Court of Kin” rel=”nofollow”>ing County on June 11th 2017 at 9:30 am. Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in the the topic and list four to five laws or rules to support the topic.

Did drin” rel=”nofollow”>ink vendors have responsibility to Timmy drivin” rel=”nofollow”>ing vehicle to home and cause an accident.

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