Drink vendors responsibility to Timmy driving vehicle

Case story: On April 24th, Timmy Larson, Kim Stevens, and William Robinson all attended a Seattle Mariners game against the New York Yankees. During their time time at the game they each had a couple of drinks. During the 6th inning of the baseball game roughly 8:43 PM each Timmy, Kim, and William had well over 4 drinks and were getting noticeably rowdy at the game. Around 9:16 there were a couple of complaints to the Alcohol enforcement made by surrounding fans at the game but nothing was done about the three. They even continued with more drinks. Near the end of 8th inning at 11:00 PM the group went for another round of drinks. Although they were clearly intoxicated the drink vendors allowed the three to obtain more alcohol. At around 11:37 PM Timmy was driving down I-5 North at a speed of 73 mph and while exiting an off ramp at exit 173 near Shoreline, crashed the vehicle into a pole. The police responded to the scene at 11:52 PM. Timmy measured a BAC of .12 on a breathalyzer test. The car was totaled and both Kim and Robinson were rushed to the ICU at Virginia Mason in Seattle. On June 11th, the three all sued the Vendor that over served them at the baseball game for negligence and going against the public safety laws. The Case was heard infront of the Supieror Court of King County on June 11th 2017 at 9:30 am. Explain the the topic and list four to five laws or rules to support the topic.

Did drink vendors have responsibility to Timmy driving vehicle to home and cause an accident.

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