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Order Description
You are a volunteer in” rel=”nofollow”>in policin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (ViP) and have regularly worked with police in” rel=”nofollow”>in your
local area command (LAC) on a number of important community tasks. You have been asked by the
youth liaison officer of your LAC to produce a poster that illustrates the various ways young people are
socially constructed and suggest ways this can improve. This poster will then be displayed in” rel=”nofollow”>in the local
council foyer for community viewin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Given your background in” rel=”nofollow”>in youth justice, the youth liaison officer
considers this a suitable task for you. She has asked that you follow a list of in” rel=”nofollow”>instructions to help you
with your task.
Task Description
The youth liaison officer has noticed a sharp in” rel=”nofollow”>increase in” rel=”nofollow”>in the number of young people charged with
min” rel=”nofollow”>inor summary offences. This in” rel=”nofollow”>increase in” rel=”nofollow”>in contact with the juvenile justice system is of major concern to
the youth liaison officer given she suspects it will only in” rel=”nofollow”>increase further. She would like you to pay
special attention to the way young people are viewed in” rel=”nofollow”>in the communit y and thin” rel=”nofollow”>ink of ways that relations
may improve.
You are to produce an A4 size poster accompanied explanation that explores ONE of the
themes detailed below.
1. Young people and the importance of public and ‘hybrid’ spaces (e.g. shoppin” rel=”nofollow”>ing c entres)
2. Young people and the in” rel=”nofollow”>increase in” rel=”nofollow”>in surveillance (e.g. in” rel=”nofollow”>increase in” rel=”nofollow”>in surveillances in” rel=”nofollow”>in schools,
shoppin” rel=”nofollow”>ing centres)
3. Developin” rel=”nofollow”>ing stronger relations between young people and police (e.g. min” rel=”nofollow”>inority, LGBTIQ, ethnic,
disability groups)
4. Young people as abject citizens (e.g. struggle for subjectivity, contest and resistance)

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